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Boxes of birch bark to keep food

You want to keep your food and you love the craft of high quality.
Our articles are beautiful, practical, breathe and stabilize the moisture content of foods that are preserved.
Our collection boxes in birch bark can keep bread, tea, coffee, pasta, salt, condiments and other dry goods.
As you know bark prevents the tree from drying and mold.
Already in ancient times, people of Canada, Scandinavia and Russia kept their food and their daily bread in birch bark baskets they produce their own hands. These baskets were fully hermetic, but at the same time "breathed".
The bread is tasty and aromatic long. The high content of volatile oils from the bark protects against bread mold. The articles are manufactured using a special technique. This technique allows ancestral finish without nails or glue. It shapes the bark without chemicals or dyeing. It remains clean and natural.
The difference in color of the inner layer of birch bark with which manufactures items ranging from blond to red-light-brown. The ramages different on the surface are natural. Over time the bark of the birch begins to darken naturally to the color of the earth.
The material is elastic, unbreakable, waterproof. At the normal temperature of the room and the cellar, articles remain strong for decades.

Bread Box

This bread box is made by craftsmen in Russia, in Siberia. We respected the traditional model. The bread box is not artificially colored, the color is natural.
The ancient technique and can make these boxes bread with a double layer without nails and almost without glue This box can breathe, it contains no dye or chemicals.
Made of birch bark it helps keep bread fresh longer. The volatile oils in the bark do not moldy bread quickly. You can use the lid of the box for the service of bread on the table.
We recommend you first put a towel on the bottom of the box (change it regularly), and then bread, unpackaged.
You can wipe your box with a wet towel and, if necessary, washed in hot water with a little laundry.

Box dry

This box is sealed, the bottom and lid are made of coniferous wood.
The technique is ancient and it ables to make a double layer without nails and almost without glue.
It can breathe, it contains no dye or chemicals.
Made of birch bark allows it to preserve the smell and qualities of your product.
Over time, birch bark becomes darker as all natural materials, but it remains resilient and strong for decades. This material is resistant to water. You can wipe with a damp towel and wash in hot water with a little laundry.
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